sábado, enero 27, 2007

CISPES Solidarity Delegation to El Salvador

Join CISPES as we accompany labor unions, student and women's groups, and other community organizations in preparation for the massive, annual May Day (International Workers' Day) march.

The right-wing Salvadoran government, with the vocal backing of the U.S. Ambassador, has recently implemented a number of laws that threaten social organizations' ability to organize, conflating organizing and protest with terrorism. Nonetheless, Salvadorans continue to organize to create a better future, working to reverse the effects of CAFTA, organizing against the privatization of water and health care, working to stop the destruction of communities and the environment created by mining and dams, and building alternative forms of government and people's power from the ground up.

The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) has a long history of close solidarity relationships with social movement organizations and the leftist FMLN party. In the midst of these dirty tactics to undermine organizing coming from the right wing ARENA government – and the rise of the left in the rest of Latin America – our allies are calling for increased international presence in El Salvador to demonstrate that the eyes of the world are watching and acting to support those voices calling for real social justice in El Salvador. As a participant in this delegation, you will:

- Meet with Salvadoran social movement groups that are directly confronting the neoliberal model of free trade and resisting the implementation of CAFTA;

- Hear directly from those targeted by governmental politics of harassment and intimidation about their courageous organizing work;

- Accompany the movement in their massive International Workers' Day march to demand No to Water Privatization and an end to U.S. military intervention;

- Strategize with leftist FMLN party and other social movement leaders about the role for international solidarity in supporting their struggle;

See firsthand the alternative model for community-based power and social justice people are building in El Salvador.

For more information on how to join the delegation contact your local CISPES committee or Krista Lee Hanson at the CISPES National Office: (212) 465-8115 x204 / krista@cispes.org
. Keep checking the web page for more information as well.

* Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador * www.cispes.org

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